Agabhumi - 12 Weeks of Style Giveaway  premium

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Week 1: Mesh Poncho (ARV $30).
Week 2: Tiny Bubbles Earrings (ARV $40).
Week 3: Tidal Wave Ring (ARV $50).
Week 4: Hammah This Time Pants (ARV $70).
Week 5: Wide Envelope Bag (ARV $80).
Week 6: Regina Bells Tunic and Sand Dunes Scarf (ARV $100).
Week 7: Teal Shoulder Shopper and Liberty Tunic (ARV $220).
Week 8: Chained Necklace and Chained Earrings (ARV $250).
Week 9: Ice Cold Shoulder Tunic, Snappy Canteen Bag, Dragon Bone Necklace, and Oval Earth Pendant (ARV $300).
Week 10: CZ Dancer Earrings, Enam bracelet, and All in a Slice Tunic (ARV $390).
Week 11: Elegant ATA Ba, CZ Sees Bracelet, CZ Constellation Bracelet, and CZ Propeller Bracelet (ARV $380).
Week 12 Grand Prize: Shoulder Shopper, Convertible Watch, Dots Bracelet, AGA Tank, Hammah Pants, Purple Circles Scar, Regina Bells Tunic, Sand Dunes Scarf, Contoured Belt, Rectangle Bag, Pearl Feathers Necklace, Amethyst in Pearl Necklace, and Carved Tail Ring (ARV $1,450).
Week 12 Prize Package 1: Carved Hand Bag, Dots Bracelet, Band Rings, AGA Tank, Beach Bells Pants, Blue Waves Scarf (ARV $460).
Week 12 Prize Package 2: Shoulder Shopper, Dots Bracelet, Band Rings, AGA Tank, Tosca Pants, and Shredded Saturn Scarf (ARV $530).

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