Starts 9/01 | VIPA International Photography Awards 2017  premium

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Photography professionals and even hobbyists should take part in this exclusive contest as its a great opportunity for International recognition and a high exposure rate to the right market as well. The contest has very transparent voting rules and will have a professional jury panel to judge every entry per photo category. The 2nd VIPA is one of the biggest photography contests out there and aside from international recognition opportunities; it also has stimulating cash prizes to excite you. The contest will be divided into six main categories which are also sub-divided into 4 sub-categories per main categories: People (Children, Portraits, Family, and Lifestyle), Advertising (Fashion and Beauty, Food, Product, Vehicle), Nature (Landscape, Macro, Underwater, Wildlife), Architecture (Bridges, Buildings, Cityscapes, Interior), Reportage (Culture, Event, News, Politics), and a Special category (Night, Sports, Travel, Wedding). Each winner of the sub-categories will win a top prize of 500 Euros. The photographer who has the highest total score as a sum from all his/her entries in all 6 categories, he/she has a chance to become the new Photographer of the Year, win 5000 Euros and the Golden VOUBS statuette.
The registration period will start at the first of September of 2017 and will end by February 15 of 2018. The voting period will be divided by two one side for user voting which will go from September 15 and that will end on March 15 of 2018; the next section of votes will be allocated for the professional Jury which will start from January 1 of 2018 and will end on March 1, 2018. The winners will be announced March 23, 2018 and the official ceremony will be held in April of 2018. The venue will be announced later. The winners will have an opportunity for an exclusive 14 international exhibitions which will run from May 2018 through February 2019.
Those who are interested to join may register at the official website ( and pay an entry fee of 20 Wings, a virtual wallet currency designed especially for all contests at VOUBS. This is equivalent of 9.60 Euros and should be paid for each entry. For more information, please visit the official website.

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