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I just published my first book on Amazon and I'm so excited that I'm giving away a free copy. The book is called Remnant, and it's the first book in my Mythic series. Here's a description:
His summer break was supposed to be normal, that is, until the first girl that ever showed any interest in him turned out to be an international relic thief.
James Peters wants his summer break to be awesome. Unfortunately, before he leaves, heís stuck working his boring job at the local museum. Just as he finishes up slogging through his first full day of work after school, his fatherís old colleague shows up with some mysterious dinosaur bones. Somehow thereís a link to these bones, his dadís colleague, and his dadís disappearance.
Trying to figure out whatís going on, James gets put in a time crunch as the bones are going to be moved out the night before he heads out of town. Somehow he needs to figure out how to get another look at the bones, get past a bunch of armed guards, and confront the man who may be responsible for his fatherís disappearance. James will be forced to use all of his wits, and his magical abilities before time runs out.
Remnant is the thrilling first book in the Mythic series, a set of novels all about mythical animals and their origins. If you like magical creatures, complex characters, and a little bit of fantasy, the youíll love Randall Floydís gripping novel.
Buy Remnant to find out, once and for all, where these mythical creatures come from.

Open to all 18+

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