Listen to Me - 100 Worst & Best Websites Ever Drawing

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First Prize: The Indiana Jones Trilogy (R1 DVD), Grand Theft Auto III (PC), GRINGO mug, Dude, Where's My Country? by Michael Moore; and a pro-Nixon campaign button.
Second Prize: The Lion King: Platinum Edition (R1 DVD), Escape From Monkey Island (PS2), and a Calvin & Hobbes book.
Third Prize: My Fellow Americans (VHS) and a pack of jelly beans.
Fourth Prize: Dennis Miller Live (VHS) and a magical, whimsical novelty item of mystery.
Fifth Prize: Bar of Irish Spring Fresh soap (unused) and a really bad CD of supposedly Hawaiian tunes.

Comments: To enter, e-mail your five top and five bottom Internet sites with a sentence or two explaining the reasons for your praise and hatred. Five people who take part will be pulled out of an imaginary hat and get prizes in the order they're drawn. No privacy policy.

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